Finding a building plot – part 1

Toby fancied trying his hand at some property development. Primarily, he was enthralled by the idea of finding a small plot and building a couple of houses on it. But how to go about it? He had carried out developments of sorts in the past in the form of a refurbishment of some buy to […]

How to choose an agent?   Choosing the right Letting Agent?  The quest to find a reputable and trusted property agent.  Is the Biggest the Best?  Why Big Doesn’t always Mean Best?

Mia is forever listening to her friends telling her about their dreadful experiences when letting their properties….she wanted to find out whether her friends had exaggerated the problems and whether there was any way to avoid these problems (i.e did they really have to pay for the damage caused, did the letting agent really not […]

The Handyman conundrum

Got a big job that needs doing? Building an extension? A major refurbishment of a property perhaps, replacing windows, replastering walls and putting in a new kitchen and bathroom?Perhaps having the outside of the house repainted? The process is quite easy, isn’t it? You get friends or acquaintances to recommend someone who does what you […]

Where’s my house?

Toby was relating how his friend had been watching a TV drama called Our House.  His Friend Said that the storyline including the house theft had made the plot seem rather far-fetched.  His Friend Said he couldn’t believe it was possible to have your home taken from right under your nose and exclaimed at the […]

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