Property inspections

How often should you carry out an inspection of your property? Toby’s friend felt that it was acceptable to just turn up without warning as often as you like. That’s what he’d been told you should be able to do. Always best to check the legalities though, oh friend!  Inspections are important; don’t get me […]

Tenants’ problems – part 1

Where does the responsibility of the tenant end and the landlord begin. Toby’s friend was adamant that the tenant is always right and the landlord should jump to attention and fix a problem immediately. Landlords are ogres and tenants are defenceless little mice.  But is that the case? We’ve all come across a tenancy where […]

Where can I park?

If you live in a large urban area today, you most likely live within or close to a controlled parking zone where you can’t park between certain hours and/or need a permit to be parked there at all. If you are going to be renting in an area and you come across a potential letting […]

Taking out insurance – part 1

Mia had always wished she owned a second property but she was surprised when her friend said that her tenants hadn’t paid their rent for 13 months.  This horrified Mia who had thought that it would be so easy to grow money on the landlord money tree and secretly thought her friend earned easy money […]

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