Landlords say they struggle to get a good night’s sleep amid the stress of increased regulation

“There is always something new to worry about” exclaimed Toby to his sister (also a landlord). After working so hard to keep on top of everything, maintaining his property to a high standard, looking after his tenants and being a good landlord, handling all the admin and tax affairs, just when he thought he could coast a bit and enjoy life. More regulations!

And Toby clearly isn’t the only one (

Is the government simply trying to improve the lot of tenants? As so many MPs have buy to let portfolios have they a vested interest in taking out the small fry? Or is it even more sinister than that? 

Toby is of the opinion that there needs to be less scaremongering via press releases and more considered liaising with landlords’ organisations and proper consultation before anything changes. And changes need to be consistent across the country rather than local authorities being able to do their own thing even when they excuse that as “trialing” policy before it is rolled out nation-wide.

Tenants’ behaviour and responsibilities also need addressing if we are to view society as fair and even handed. And what of that bugbear of landlords being dealt with? Namely, making it easier to evict tenants who are truly of the nightmare type whilst still protecting the decent ones. Rather than lawyers getting even richer as they drag out the eviction process, meanwhile charging you a fortune for every phone call and email.

There are issues that need addressing in a considered manner. But not the way we are seeing. Sledgehammers and nuts spring to mind!

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